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Life Coaching Methods with Dr. Bernice B. Bernhard, Ph.D in New York


Parenting / Coaching

With so many years of experience as a psychologist and school psychologist, parent, and now grandparent, I am uniquely qualified to help make parenting less stressful. No question is considered too easy or too complicated. Areas of experience range from care of a newborn, concern about sibling rivalry, behavior that is troubling, separation anxiety issues, working parent issues, adoption, step-parenting and special needs children with ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and children who fall within the Autistic spectrum. I help parents deal with children of all ages from birth to adult children as well as grandchildren. Family therapy is always conducted in person, but coaching is available by telephone after two sessions.

Life Skill Coaching

During psychotherapy appointments, people are encourage to work with me to explore past history and current problems and to see their connection, and also to see how the past influences the present. Although “the work” is about the present, the past is always present.
During coaching sessions, people are given very direct advice about relationships, whether they are friendships, employee / employer, family, or romantic relationships. Coaching also deals with career decisions and career choices and also combining career and family for women and men. Coaching is better used when the problem is considered to be less complicated and of a short duration, while psychotherapy is better used for more complicated issues that have been making life difficult over time (depression, anxiety, panic disorder etc.). I also use both approaches where appropriate.

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness affects not only the person that is identified as ill, but also the entire family, with particular stress on the caregiver(s). I am uniquely qualified to deal with the stress and decision making of caregivers, as well as the emotional needs of the ill person. This includes decision making, compliance with medical, dietary, and exercise needs and living with a problem that never goes away. If the need arises, preparing for and dealing with death are also areas in which I have experience.

Psychotherapy and Coaching – Both Help!
Bernice B. Bernhard, Ph.D